Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Love Sugarland!

The band, not the location (yes there really is a Sugarland in Texas).

I've been a fan of Sugarland and Jennifer Nettles for more than 5 years now. Hell it could be even longer... I've lost track. I could say the reason I love Sugarland is because of the song writing (which is fabulous, and is part of it). I could say I love Sugarland because they are contemporary country, but do the odd classic country throw back song from time to time (again, it is part of it).

But the real reason I love Sugarland is because I can hit every note Jennifer Nettles can when I sing along with my iPod/car radio. And I love to sing. I'm not spectacular, but I'm not bad... and I have a great time. In fact, one of my newly discovered pastimes is karaoke singing.

Yeah, I know.

But I grew up performing on stage; dancing, twirling baton, public speaking... so in my old age (read: I'm not in high school/college anymore and I feel too ridiculous to go clubbing) karaoke has become my outlet. I can sing any Sugarland song you put on. I may not know all of the words to every single song they have, but I know most of them.

I sing Sugarland songs in the shower. On long road trips. Taking my kids to daycare. Dancing in the back yard on summer evenings. While I'm cleaning the house. Whatever. Wherever. I've even caught myself singing along to a tune stuck in my head while in a crowded elevator at my office building(out loud).

I also semi-stalk Jennifer Nettles. Not in person of course, but I read news articles in People, I watch shows that she appears on. I make a point to DVR the CMT Awards and the AMC Awards because most of the time Sugarland does performances.

Right, I think you've got the idea.

I was SO STOKED when I found out Sugarland was coming to my city in concert. I called a friend, talked her into going to the concert, fronted the money for the tickets. I can't wait!

(I bet you're starting to wonder what this has to do with men..... wait for it.....)

So I get home that day from work, unpack the crap from the day and play with the kids for a bit. Then the family sits down to dinner. About five minutes into it I tell my loving husband (that I've known since 2003) that I'm THRILLED to have purchased tickets to see Sugarland in concert.

And he says:


----- You should've seen the look on my face.

It really didn't help that my 7 year old son then says, "Dad, you know! ..." and starts singing "All I Wanna Do" to him. (all I wanna do ooo ooo ooo, ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo is love you ooo ooo!)

Well, maybe my son has a chance. At least I have one male around that pays attention to me. However, I'm willing to bet by about 13, he too will start to falter.


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