Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why are men so annoying? No seriously. I'm asking.

What or who taught them that women like to be ordered around? Now I'm not talking about really ordering around like mean or anything, but the kind of ordering around like "Let's watch a movie"... let me pretend that you aren't 25 minutes into Glee, let me act like you actually want to watch the movie I'm referring to, let me think that by acting all macho and decisive that will make you swoon and say, "oh okay, sure."

You know what?? No. I don't want to watch your stupid movie. I don't want to stop everything I'm doing (AKA watching some stupid show about gay people singing gay songs - his words not mine) because you are bored and think that I automatically want to do what YOU want to do more than what I want to do.

What?!?! WTF?!?!? Now you want to drink one of MY beers? Now you know that I don't drink dark beer and you decidedly bought dark beer for yourself, and bought for me (don't get the wrong idea here ladies... it was the joint bill account. it's not like HE bought it for ME). Anywho, like I was saying, he bought dark beer for him and bought for me my favorite tasty-licious Sweetwater Blue light bodied blueberry wheat beer. But now he wants to drink one of my beers? He's in the "mood" for one of my beers? Who's gay now?!?

And the answer is NO. You cannot have one of my beers. Drink your own.

Call me a raving lunatic. Call me a biotch. Say I'm being mean. I don't care. Just because you have a penis does not mean everything you want to do is a good idea.

Welcome to THIS century a-hole.


Ahhhh! That made me feel better.

P.S. You should check out Sweetwater Blue, really. It's yummy.

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